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Happy National Coming Out Day!

I have the good fortune to be able to love both women and men as friends, lovers, and partners. I am bisexual and polyamorous. I share this with you today because coming out is the strongest political tool that we have to advance the cause of equal rights for LGBT and poly people! Wishing you all peace and happiness as we stand on the side of love together today!

Hey Costume / Opera Geeks

Host: SF Opera
Price: min $1, max $1000, most < $25
Saturday Oct. 24, 10:00-5:00
Sunday Oct. 25, 10:00-4:00
San Francisco Opera prop and scenery warehouse
800 Indiana St., San Francisco, CA

Sf Opera Costume Sale

For anyone who is interested, The SF Opera costume department is having one of its rare sales (last was 2003).

The sale will be at our prop and scenery warehouse at 800 Indiana St., SF CA.

Saturday Oct. 24, 10:00-5:00
Sunday Oct. 25, 10:00-4:00

We generally have all price ranges($1 to $1000) most below $25. Everything is usually priced way below what it is worth, but if we are not going to use it again and it is taking up valuable storage space, it has got to go!

Re-use, Re-purpose, and support your local arts non-profits during the recession.

Anyway, feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested – there's a ton (probably literally) of awesome and crazy things. Seriously, this is a Halloween, costume ball, Dickens Fair, RenFest, Burning Man aficionado's dream come true, particularly if you have a thing for rhinestones.

Also, just FYI, if you're shopping for yourself or a friend it's a good idea to know your basic measurements (bust, waist, hip) since even though you might not be able to try things on (I have no idea what the situation/policy on that is), most stuff will be marked with garment measurements. You might even want to bring a tape measure just to be on the safe side.

You know you want to adopt this cat.

She's a rescue kitty, and we caught her last night. (Are still rounding up her kittens.) She's a total sweetheart, loves scritches, and obviously knows people. She'll likely be looking for a home for once she's spayed. E-mail cortney at karst [dot] org if you're interested!

Kittens that need homes!

A stray mama cat had kittens (at least two, and we think four) under our house. They need homes! Want a kitten?

We discovered them on the weekend of June 6th. We're catching them in a cat trap loaned to us by simplykimberly (who does this sort of thing constantly). As they get caught, cortneyofeden is retrieving them, taking them to the vet for checkups, cuddling the little ones until they're friendly, and eventually finding homes for them.

We've caught two of the kittens so far. Both are boys, cute as can be. They're currently feral, but cortneyofeden is giving them lots of love and getting them calmed down. Much awesome progress has been made already. cortneyofeden has done this (fostered ferals, and helped them transition to pets) before, with great results.

Here's the first one -- For now he's been named Chaplin, after Charlie Chaplin, thanks to his adorable mustache. :)

Here's the second one, orange and white (with his brother behind him):

The whole set of photos is here if you want to see more!

Cortney just got the orange-and-white one on Monday morning (June 15), but she got Chap on Friday (June 12), and as of today he's already a great shoulder-cat -- curious, sweet, and playful.

Last night we caught the mama cat, and she is being taken to the vet soon to be spayed. She may wind up needing a home as well:

We're likely to catch two more kittens. At least, we *think* there's only two more.

The kittens are looking for homes! As of June 15, they're 5-6 weeks old. They'll likely be ready for a home on July 15 or so. Send an e-mail to cortney at karst [dot] org if you're interested.

And please feel free to re-post!

Many thanks to cortneyofeden for her hard work and love in getting these guys civilized. I wish we could keep one! Let us know if you can.

Apr. 10th, 2009

I'm doing a small f-list purge, nothing personal, just those folks that I tend not to really exchange comments with on a regular basis, plus those who don't really write in their own LJs (or at least not that I can see). No offense meant. :)