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Can't Stop the Beat

Without love, life is rock and roll without a drummer

"interestingly eccentric and laden with character" -- NT, 11/2/07

I keep my biographical information friends-only and filtered. However, if you're on my friends-list, you'll likely be able to read at least some of it. Try the bio tag. Or the all about me tag. The relationships tag has some good stuff under it. The long interesting posts tag is also worthwhile.
80s pop, agnosticism, alexander technique, alphabetizing, animal rights, anna quindlen, anne lamott, anthony kearns, asperger syndrome, babylon 5, backrubs, baroque music, beaches, big band, billy joel, bisexuality, body painting, bone poets orchestra, buddhism, buddy holly, buffy the vampire slayer, cafe gratitude, cello, cheryl wheeler, choir, civil liberties, classic rock, classical music, comma-separated lists, country music, dancing, dar williams, democratic party, dharma and greg, dilfs, dixieland jazz, douglas adams, drums, eczema, eddie from ohio, erotica, ethical slut, family, firefly, flickr, flirting, folk music, folk rock, food theory, freight and salvage, friends, gaeilge, gandhi, geeks, geocaching, gilbert and sullivan, girl scouts, hedonism, hiking, holly near, hot dads, hugs, humanism, intentional family, internet addiction, iphone, ireland, irish, jewish culture, jewish humanism, jo estill, john denver, jonathan coulton, judaism, karaoke, kinsey 2, kissing, lamplighters, latin, laughter, liberalism, love, maná, martin luther king jr., mika, millennium restaurant, miso soup, mount shasta, movies, mythbusters, netflix, new york city, nonviolence, nostalgia, nutrition, ocd, orthognathic surgery, p.g. wodehouse, paleo, parenting, passion, peace, peninsula roller girls, photography, pogo, polyamory, psoriasis, queer equality, recycling, richard feynman, richard march, robbie schaefer, roller derby, running, sacred music, san francisco, scrapbooking, serenity, sex, sexuality, silicon valley roller girls, simon and garfunkel, singing, six feet under, social change, southern rock, spiritual humanism, spirituality, stan rogers, stanford savoyards, star trek: voyager, steel drums, sunshine, sustainable living, tattoos, text messaging, the 1960s, the 1970s, the irish tenors, the roches, tintin, tivo, tom lehrer, torchwood, unitarian universalism, utah phillips, uu, uu san mateo, yoga